Slot Overview: Mayan Multi-Way Mayhem

Mayan Multi Mayhem is a cluster paying grid slot created by iSoftBet, a developer most commonly associated with their Hold&Win games. Taking players to the Americas with one of the most well-known ancient civilizations in the world of online slots, the Maya are the focus of Mayan Multi Mayhem. There, they may enjoy special features like free spins with a progressive multiplier and Mayan Multipliers while taking in the local scenery.

While other grid spaces have a variety of extras, bonuses, and other perks, Mayan Multi Mayhem does not. The presentation of the game, too, mirrors this simplification. iSoftBet has developed a stylistic approach to the Mayan subject that is different from what one may expect. The lighting gives the grid an almost Holiday movie premiere feel, like bright spotlights are shining on a theater as celebrities arrive in limousines for the red carpet. Except for a few fireflies flitting about what may be a potted plant, nothing else alive is seen. The exciting new direction that iSoftBet has adopted with the Mayan theme makes this game seem very distinct from the majority of its kind.

While iSoftBet has adopted a “less is more” strategy when it comes to functionality and graphics, Mayan Multi Mayhem is a surprisingly robust title for the developer. To get things started, choose a wager between 20 pence and £/€20 per spin on any device. The big number will be revealed shortly. It’s a slot machine with a high variance, paying off when five or more identical symbols line up horizontally or vertically (for a theoretical RTP of 95.98%).

The 7×7 grid is cleared of winning clusters, and new symbols fall into the empty cells above. If this results in a new cluster of winners, the procedure will continue until no more wins can be found. The game’s emblems, like the rest of it, manage to be vaguely identifiable while yet standing apart. Five Mayan-themed blocks pay 0.1x for five of a kind and go up to 5-40x for 15+ of a kind at the lowest end of the paytable. Then, four premium gem symbols appear, awarding either 0.25x to 0.5x for a cluster of five symbols or 50x to 250x for a cluster of 15 or more symbols. Every other pay sign can be swapped out for the giant ‘W’ wild.

Features of the Mayan Multi-Slot Machine

When a wild symbol appears, it not only substitutes for other symbols, but it also rockets to the top of the screen, where it may activate a multiplier in the Totem area. Any existing victories are multiplied by the multiplier if this is the case. It is possible to activate many Totems at once, with the combined multiplier being capped at x250. The available multiplier values are 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50.

Bonus Turns

When a player has three or more scatter symbols in view, they are awarded a number of free games. Free games of 8, 10, 12, 15, or 20 are awarded for seeing 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 bonus symbols. During the bonus round of free spins, a ladder of different multiplier values will be shown to the side of the main grid. Each time the bonus round is over, the rung with the lowest value is taken away. Flying a Wild sign into a Totem will still trigger the multiplier, just like in the main game. Additionally, scatter symbols can be used to extend the bonus round. Each one that lands grants an unlimited number of extra spins.

Judgment on the Mayan Multi-Slot Clash

We all know that iSoftBet loves its Hold&Win games, but if Mayan Multi Mayhem is any indication, they may also have a talent for grid slots. If you’re looking for a grid slot with a tangled web of modifiers, symbol/charge collectors, and the like, you might be disappointed by Mayan Multi Mayhem. Studio permission to go full Baroque and weave vines over finely carved stone structures is the equivalent of choosing Mayan culture as a motif. Even if iSoftBet hasn’t followed suit, Mayan Multi Mayhem still manages to separate out from the crowd.

The same may be said of the gameplay. If you’re used to playing grid slots with a hundred and one features, you could be disappointed with Mayan Multi Mayhem. Wild symbols and cluster wins in the regular game and free spins are the only ways to earn potentially large multipliers that may significantly boost the player’s bankroll. It’s important to remember that wild symbols can create a multiplier independently of any other symbols on the reels. You may earn as much as 20,000 times your initial wager with the help of multipliers in Mayan Multi Mayhem. An important and interesting addition to the game because of this character.

We weren’t sure what to anticipate when iSoftBet released a grid slot with a Mayan theme, but Mayan Multi Mayhem exceeded our wildest expectations. It’s a weird game; it’s minimalistic and unassuming, yet it has a surprising emotional impact. Mayan Multi Mayhem may or may not live up to its hype, but it certainly has the firepower to be an interesting challenge for those who enjoy playing grid slot machines.






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